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M/S Aatreyas Agro Organic Pvt.Ltd. is a company registered under company’s act 1956 having registered office at

B-303, Swagat Rainforest 2, Opposite Swaminarayandham, Koba Highway, Kudasan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 382 421


Board of Directors:

  1. 1. Mahendrabhai Makani
  2. 2. Mehul Makani
  3. 3. Hitesh Limani
  4. 4. Haresh Senghani

“Aatreyas Agro Organic Pvt.Ltd.” is located in India’s industrially developed vibrant state of Gujarat and situated inthe heart of the state capital of Gujarat i.e Gandhinagar. The company has been established in 2004, with focuses in Agriculture Bussiness.


Objective of Organization:


  • To be the most trusted brand, delivering quality products and services to our customers and thereby set a new benchmark of standard in the industry.


  • To imbibe and foster the culture of trust, by continuous striving to meet the quality, performance and price aspirations of our customers.
  • To work toward the development and up-liftmen of farmers in rural areas.
  • Creating awareness, amongst the farmers towards technically advanced way of farming. which includes extension education and training



  • National Horticulture Mission (NHM) Gandhinagar, Gujarat
  • Gujarat Green revolution Company Limited (GGRC) Baroda, Gujarat
  • We also working all over India under National Horticulture Board (NHB), Gurgaon


  • We on behalf of the company take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the largest trader and leading merchant of Greenhouse, Shade Nethouse and Vermicompost in India. We have multi-crore turnover and multi-located projects in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Company is working since 2004 in the field of Agriculture like Vermicompost Production & Marketing and since 2009 company is leading trader of Greenhouse & Shade Nethouse in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.


    • AATREYAS AGRO ORGANIC PVT LTD has managed by Key Directors Mr. Mahendra Makani (Chairmen), Mr. Hitesh Limani (Director), Mr. Haresh Senghani (Director) and Mr. Mehul Makani (Director). All directors are qualified and experienced in the business of Shade Nethouse, Greenhouse, Vermicompost and field of Agriculture. We are also managing three other sister Concern companies – AATRE GREEN ENTERPRISE, AATRE GREENHOUSE PVT LTD and ANDIZ CROP SCIENCE.


      • MR. MAHENDRA MAKANI has good business thinking with best regards to agriculture. He is a founder of this company. He is handling the functional responsibility of Greenhouse, Shade Nethouse and Vermicompost production in all projects of the company since beginning. He is handling all marketing responsibility and overall handling of company. He is a key person who has obtained a vigorous training and has huge experience of Vermicompost production and development of new area for organic farming. He also worked with Morarka Foundation for 2 years in 2000 to 2002. He has also authorized a book in Gujarati entitled as “Vermicompost Guide”.


        • MR. HITESH LIMANI & MR. HARESH SENGHANI has responsibility of erecting structures all over India. They have a skill of Land leveling and water management for protected cultivation structure. They can develop designs as per wind flow, rain, sunlight and as per requirement. They are developing strong structures for the farmers and to the nation.


          • MR. MEHUL MAKANI is a key person for after sales service all over India. He is a responsible person for Agronomy service, technical guidance and farm management all over India. Part of our Agronomy service, we guide farmers to produce their own compost on his own land at the cheapest rate. We believe in “minimum expense and more profit” and we are doing this for each farmer to make them precious farmer of India.


            • We have strong network and educated staff for the service of farmer and to educate them regarding organic farming instead of chemical farming which now became the aim of Govt. to produce healthy food which providing good health and Infrastructure of Greenhouse and Shade Nethouse so it will earns the more foreign money too. We have a huge dealer network across the Gujarat. We had sent some farmers to Puna and Nasik for the training of Greenhouse management and how to earn more profit from it. We also had trained farmers by our company by arranging seminar in the villages to convert every Greenhouse/Nethouse farmer into precious farmer of the Gujarat.


              • We are working in field of Agriculture with special attention on Green House, Shade Net House, Vermicompost production because Vermicompost is a natural manure and it has many benefits in agricultural filed to improve not only the production of crops but it also improve and maintain the various properties of soil like physical, biological and chemical.


                • Part of our Agronomy service, we guide farmers to produce their own compost on his own land at the cheapest rate. We believe in “minimum expense and more profit” and we are doing this for each farmer to make them precious farmer of India.



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