Flat Nethouse

Dome Nethouse

Shade Nethouse

Shade Nethouse


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Two type of Nethouse is popular in India:

  1. 1. Flat Nethouse
  2. 2. Dome Nethouse
  3. Flat Nethouse:

    • This is very low cost structure.
    • Flat Nethouse is a highly viable product for farming in India.
    • We can cultivate so many crops under flat Nethouse like Papaya, Chilli, Capsicum, Tometo, Bringal, Marigold, Cristhanimum, Cucumber and many more...


    Dome Nethouse:

    This product is manufactured by our professionals using excellent quality raw material and latest technology as per the quality standards.



    • Robust construction
    • Weather resistance
    • Durable
    • To work toward the development and up liftmen of farmers in rural areas.
    • Creating awareness, amongst the farmers towards technically advanced way of farming. which includes extension education and training


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